Our Mission

Orbis Network is a Systems Integrator as well as a General Consulting Company for a wide range of waste and energy situations. Based on the customer’s needs, we create concepts for comprehensive solutions pertaining to waste problems and energy supply.

Our Goal: Complete waste utilisation!

Orbis Network analyzes the customer’s actual waste situation and combines the right mix of products and services to provide a complete solution. Where feasible, we transform waste to a raw material with a market value. We transform waste to energy and clean raw materials such as water, minerals and metals.

CO2-reduction and avoiding hazardous emissions such as carcinogenic dioxins constitute major goals. So does a decentralized production of energy with base or peak load controll for energy grids. The treatment of water is included in each waste treatment system.

This is our process:

Each solution is individual and customized to the customers situation and specified needs. The solutions are combinations of proven technologies using the experience and know-how and, where needed, the sales force of internationally proven partners.

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