Our Recent Projects

As of 01/2017

Consulting for Organisations

Italy: Cartflow SRl

Sweden: implementation of water treatment systems

Sudan: City and Region of Khartoum, National Waste Project

Iraq: Ministry of Industry & Minerals

Iraq: Al Rashid Group

Tunisia: Ministére de l´Environnement

Tunisia: Al Badr Group

Tunisia: Agence Nationale pour la Matrisse de l´Energie

Germany: AWU/ALBA

Croatia: Ministry of Environment

Germany: WiReL Project, Island Solution

Gibraltar: Ministry of Environment

Italy: Paolo Tuccito

Turkey: Samsun Avdan

Germany: Research Project, cybernetic electric control circuit

Latvia: General Energy Group

Lebanon: Small waste treatment solution - off-grid energysystem

Lebanon: Buildum Ventures, Waste-Export-Concept

Germany: Veolia

three running projects

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